Saturday, 23 November 2013


I've been travelling around with my parents a lot. Africa, Europe... This time our path led us to the magical Venezuela. That amazing country immediately won my heart. Nature is simply breath taking and it's people are so full of energy, positive thinking and happiness, even though their lives aren't perfect or easy. Sometimes they must fight for their living and don't know what they are going to eat the next day. They are not wealthy or life secured, they have many problems and a lot of criminal but they have something that is more important then all that. They are rich inside, open and they found a way to be happy.

We spent first three days in Canaima. A beautiful and wild region in the heart of Venezuela.

On the first photo is our plane with which we came (don't worry we left with even smaller one). We landed on an "airport" that had amazingly big cracks. We were lucky that we landed safely and that no one died! Nah, I'm just kidding, however it did look a little bit scary.
In the distance we were able to see giant Auyan tepui (name means bloody peaks)
Ah, beautiful Canaima. It was breath taking!!

One of the most amazing things was water. As you can see it wasn't blue or green but reddish brown! It really looked like cocacola. Like cocacola lake!

There were big amounts of foam on the water. And you won't believe what it was used for. They use it as soap! Amazing, right?

We also went on a little trip to the highest waterfall in the world. To the Angel falls. We went there with canoes that are typical for South America (you are able to see them on the photo above). The experience was so much better because we slept in amacas (hammocks) almost under the free sky. We were in a sort of camp where all amacas were placed next to one anoder. It was utterly amazing!

And here we have the famous Angel falls. We had to walk a lot to get to them, but all I can say is that it was worth it! Some were even swimming at a foot of the fall.

Our next destination was the Orinoko delta. That's another incredible place! Here rules the jungle! A mysterious place full of secrets.

Before we got into the little boat that took us to our destination (Orinoco eco campus) we saw how some of the people live there. They had little colorful houses and when we went past them,  their expressions were curious and not very warm. I think that the problem was my camera. Later on our guide told us that they didn't like people taking pictures of them and that we should always ask before doing so.

The animals at Orinoco are amazing. And there are so many!! There are parrots and other types of birds, monkeys, caimans, turtles, fishes, I even saw a tarantella and a scorpion.
We were placed in the lodges you can see above, that  instead of doors they had palm leaves and were  open toward the river side . One night my dad almost fell into the water because he missed the entrance. Luckily there was a low tide at that time.
Even though some of the Indians lived in those little colorful houses we saw others that lived the way their ancestors did for hundreds and hundreds of years. They were naked, they slept in amacas and ate what they caught. When our canoe came close, they put on clothes they had for times when tourists came and prepared things they sell to them.

The funny thing was that they had parrots everywhere. Some were as big as the one on the photo and some of them were small. They weren't tied or trapped, they just were there.
At one point of our visit of the Indians, our guide came to me and wanted that I stretch my hand toward him. I was very suspicious because he had a box in his other hand and I didn't know what was in it. Then he went with his hand inside the box and took out (you won't believe it) a worm. A freakin' worm!! I screamed and that made everyone laugh except me. Well I admit, it probably was pretty funny. The next thing he did was even more unbelievable. He put that same worm into his mouth and I have no idea what he did but the worm started to stretch and contract. Well that was pretty gross if you ask me.
Another day we went fishing. Not usual things but piranhas! Now that is something. However we didn't have much luck with it. They just didn't bite. After some time one finally surprised us (of course it wasn't any of the tourists that got the fish). Nevertheless it was quite an experience. After we got a good look at it we let it go back to swimming and eating things (or should I say people).

After that tiring afternoon we had a picknick on the boat. Well it wasn't literally a picknick however the grown-ups had cuba libre and I enjoyed my glass of coca cola. For the final touch we got to see the beautiful sunset and we listened to the amazing concert with which the animals enlightened us.

We didn't leave Venezuela just after that. We went to Caripe and to the Mochimo lodge. Our final destination was the island Isla Margarita where we stayed for another week.
The whole experience was absolutely and utterly awesome! I fell in love with South America. It entirely overtook my heart. I can't wait for another visit of that incredible land!